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Rockmark Sandstone

Rockmark is Australia’s NEW sandstone supplier offering quality natural sandstone products to the building and retail industries.
Our extensive sandstone experience forges our reputation for supplying unrivalled products and services to architects, designers, builders and homeowners.
Rockmark’s mission is simple, it is to deliver nature to your project shaped just the way you like it.
At present we are extracting sandstone blocks from six different quarries around Australia and processing the stone in our new state of the art factory. Our highly experienced stonemasons pay careful attention to detail during the production phase, as all orders are heavily scrutineered during quality control inspections.
Our factory machinery comprises of Block Saws, Gang Saws, Bridge Saws, Hydro-split Machines, CNC Profile Saw and many other specialised pneumatic and hand tools.
We love a challenge and love new ideas even more. If you have a concept of a product you would like to see made out of our sandstone, let us know and we will work with you to turn it into reality.

Contact Details:

Company Phone

(02) 9746 8335