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RubySketch BIM VDC Technology Supplier

RubySketch facilitates design & construction efficiency via the creation of technology for the design and construction industry.

RubySketch delivers multiple products, including:

PlusSpec Pro, A tool set that enables Architects & Building Designers to generate Parametric 3D models and 2D plans inside Sketchup

PlusDesignBuild Intuitive 3D Virtual Design, Construction & Estimating Software

BuildBits creates customised technology for manuafacturers sales, in house estimation, specifiers & estimators.

BIMBITS is an online library of 3D models free for architects, builders and designers to download & use in their designs. The library provides infomrtaion rich 3D models in many 
formats including Revit, Archicad, IFC, Sketchup & 3ds. Many of our models contain product specific information making that enables everyone to design and specify with certainty.

Find Out how to get custom tools created for your business and products.

Get PlusDesignBuild it's the latest 3D Virtual Design, Construction & Estimating Software available.

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