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Sustainable Home Design BIM Software

PlusDesignBuild is 3D software that enables you to create a sustainable home or green home virtually in fact any home and quantify the cost before you actually build.
A sustainable house or green home is a home that is highly energy and water efficient and is constructed virtually before it is actually built, True sustainability in a home is much more than installing a solar PV system on the roof and adding a worm composting bin to the garden.
Sustainability should be fused into every stage from design, through estimating to construction no matter whether you are renovating or building from scratch. Then and only then can a truly sustainable home or green home be born.
There are many terms that come under the sustainable house umbrella with each of them having their own distinctions, these include:

  • * Zero energy home
  • * Zero carbon house
  • * Passivhaus
  • * Green home
  • * Eco home
  • * Eco house
  • * Future house
  • * Environmentally consciuos home
  • * Eco friendly home
  • * Modular homes
  • * Eco friendly home

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