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Britex Arid Waterless Urinal Pod (Mist Urinal)

Model Number: UAPM

Britex 20arid 20waterless 20urinal 20pod 20uapm
Britex 20arid 20waterless 20urinal 20pod 20uap

The BRITEX Arid Waterless Urinal Pod has been specifically designed and manufactured for Australian conditions. Unlike most waterless urinals, the arid does not use a messy cartridge or chemicals that require regular maintenance. Instead it utilises a self-sealing one way diaphragm that allows urine to pass whilst trapping all odours within the plumbing. The body of the urinal is manufactured from tough, durable composite which has the appearance of ceramic, without the fragility and is light and easy to install. The AutoMist model is supplied with the Britex Hygiene Clean that periodically activates a cleaning cycle to ensure the connected plumbing is flushed and the unit itself is kept clean. WaterMark certified as required by plumbing regulations and government legislation.

  • WELS and WaterMark certified
  • Unique waterless waste outlet
  • No cartridge, bio-block or sealant fluids required
  • The cheapest waterless urinal to maintain
  • Robust construction
  • 3 models: arid, Mist, AutoMist
  • Option for periodic cleaning device
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Waterless and AutoClean models available

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