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Hydroheat BAXI Luna3 HT Outdoor Condensing Boiler

Model Number: BAXI Luna3 HT 1.280

Hydroheat 20baxi 20luna3 20ht 20outdoor 20condensing 20boiler
Hydroheat 20baxi 20luna3 20ht 20outdoor 20condensing 20boiler.

Heating Only or Combi (Includes DHW)
Baxi and Hydroheat Supplies are proud to introduce our domestic high efficiency wall mounted condensing boiler range, combining leading edge technology, high efficiency and low CO2 emissions. The modulating fan ensures constant high efficiency throughout the modulating range 5.6kW - 34kW. The Luna 3 Comfort HT range is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation, approved for Natural gas and Propane.


  • Fully digital, removable control panel with LCD display allows easy adjustment of heating and domestic hot water
  • Composite plastic and stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Electronic ignition
  • Premixing Burner
  • Regulation of water temperature in heating circuit 20/80°C
  • Pump run on timer
  • Pressure gauge to check system pressure
  • Flowmeter with turbines for a perfect modulation of domestic hot water temperature
  • Pre-heat function on domestic hot water maintains desired temperatures automatically for 60 minutes after last demand
  • Stainless steel burner & DHW heat exchanger (HT 330)
  • Circulating pump with built in air vent
  • Radio interference filtering system
  • Anti-frost device on heating circuit
  • Outdoor compensation option
  • Electronic 3 way valve for Domestic hot water changeover
  • Easy connection with solar boosted domestic hot water system
  • Easy to clean-domestic water filter
  • Available with optional left hand and right hand flue discharge

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Hydroheat Supplies Pty Ltd

Hydroheat Supplies is the leading supplier of hydronic heating equipment in Australia.  Specializing in residential and commercial water heating combining the highly efficient gas condensing Baxi boiler range, Henrad radiator panels and Emmeti floor heating system, Hydroheat offers the industry the complete package in hydronic / water heating.  Carrying an Australian Gas Association approval for the in Australia available boiler range Hydroheat displays its commitment to the industry. Our staff is professional and highly knowledgeable and is able to give advice in all areas of water heating applications. (Commercial hot water, swimming pools, industrial).  Heating systems designed with a lower temperature like floor heating, pool heating and potable water heating will gain most in emission and running cost reductions. Hydronic heating is a healthy, comfortable and green heating concept that deserves more recognition then it has had so far in the past. Established in 1990 Hydroheat has more then 20 years of experience in this segment of the industry. Our mission is to support the HVAC industry by continuing to introduce the latest technologies in water heating by making the highest quality equipment available in Australia. Hydroheat Supplies is “Working towards a greener future”.

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