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Zumtobel TECTON

Model Number: TECTON

Zumtobel 20tecton
Zumtobel 20tecton.

TECTON is the world’s first continuous-row lighting system to have an 11-pole current conducting section built into the trunking. This means that even today the system is ready to meet the requirements of tomorrow. All functions such as power supply, lighting control and connection to the emergency lighting system are integrated into this multi-functional trunking unit. The luminaires can be positioned flexibly, and the system can be adjusted to structural changes at any time. Without any major effort, TECTON caters to a variety of lighting requirements - at the time of installation and also whenever a change is needed. TECTON trunking is and always remains the functional basis. Only the lighting modules, light sources or optics are replaced or added, if required.

*Model drawn by manufacturer

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Zumtobel has teams of lighting specialists in all major capitals,  dedicated to the lighting specification market. We have in-house technical, marketing and engineering support for the entire Zumtobel portfolio, plus a direct link to the product's designers and manufacturers in Germany / Austria.
When you deal with Zumtobel you are dealing with the brand itself, not a third party agency. The benefits of this are immeasurable. Our portfolio is very broad and deep. Your requirements of technical knowledge, history, experience and future potential can only be met with comparable knowledge from your luminaire supplier.
Zumtobel Lighting operates exclusively in the lighting specification market. Through our relationships with lighting specifiers, we work to ensure the most appropriate lighting solution is supplied to the end-user.


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