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Austral Bricks INT Range

Model Number: INT

Int austral brick folder
Everyday life bricks
Choose from Austral's extensive international range of beautiful clay and concrete bricks.

Create a long-lasting home that will give you pleasure, comfort and durability for a lifetime.

All bricks available internationally.

This file contains downloadable SketchUp Materials .SKM and tileable 3D brick texture in JPEG of the entire INT collection. You can use these textures in your Sketchup models or to become more efficient you can quickly create parametric walls using PlusSpec for Sketchup. PlusSpec will deliver the right texture and associate that texture with thickness of a wall in your 3D model. It is simply amazing! Showing your clients how actual brick textures work in conjunction with the rest of the design, is the best communication that technology can provide in this day and age. PlusSpec is BIM and VDC technology that will allow you to draw in 3D and 2d whilst doing a walk through of home in a format that your clients can understand. PlusSpec will also deliver a bill of quantities for feasibility studies and job costings. Find out more at

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Austral Bricks

Just as clay bricks helped to build the new colony in 1788, creating the first manufacturing industry, Austral Bricks has led the industry into the 21st century.
These manufacturing operations are continually upgraded and modernised, implementing the world’s best technology and environmental protection features.
This ensures the maintenance of production efficiency and quality to enable the introduction of new and highly innovative products creating new fashions and trends in the residential and commercial building markets.
The experience of over one hundred years of brickmaking brings with it a unique ability to build a dedicated team of people committed to excellence in brick production, research and development ready for the many challenges of the next 100 years.

*This brand is a default brand in the PlusSpec design and estimating software.


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