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Hunter Pacific Typhoon Ceiling Fan

Model Number: Typhoon Fan

Hunter 20pacific 20typhoon
Hunter 20pacific 20typhoon.

Hunter Pacific currently has one industrial ceiling fan and that is the Typhoon Metal. The Typhoon Metal is a full metal fan; by this we mean all parts of the fan are made of metal including the blades. The double step pitch of the blades combined with its large motor allows the Typhoon Metal to circulate optimum volumes of airflow with each spin. 

Installing Location
Typhoon Metal ceiling fans should only be installed inside the home. It is recommended that if you are installing in outdoor or coastal areas that you use a Typhoon 316 ceiling fan. 

Blade Pitch
The Typhoon ceiling fan has a genuine 22 degree pitch on the blade. The angle consists of 2 parts, the 17 degrees on the blade and a further 5 degrees on the trailing edge to increase the volume of air moved by the product.
If the distance between the ceiling fan and the floor is greater than 2.4m (8ft), please see the accessories section for solutions to solve these problems. 

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Hunter Pacific

Hunter Pacific International was founded in the 1980s as a small family business with a focus on quality & original products. Determination and an unwavering commitment to those founding principles has seen the company grow steadily to its current position as one of the leaders in the Australian industry, supplying significant volume to both the residential and commercial sectors. 
In 2005, the company moved into its new, purpose-built headquarters in Dural, in Sydney's northwest. With these expanded facilities, the company is focusing on further broadening its product range, while making even greater improvements in reliability, service & outstanding design. The company now boasts its own internal R&D division as well as an enlarged service & product assessment area. This has become necessary to avoid errors in installation which can cause issues with even the highest quality products.