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Hydrotherm Towel Rail Floor to Ceiling

Model Number: Floor to Ceiling

Hydrotherm 20floor 20to 20ceiling1
Hydrotherm 20floor 20to 20ceiling

The ultimate bathroom accessory... Hydrotherm's Floor to Ceiling bathroom towel rails model is a bold symbol of class, supremacy and style. Its chic design signifies superior luxury, whilst generating clean, radiant warmth. A centrepiece for designer bathrooms.

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Hydrotherm Australia

Hydrotherm is an Australian-owned and operated company specialising in designer bathroom accessories; in the form of a range of elegant heated towel rails and racks. These products are the perfect addition to any bathroom - now you can step out of your warm shower and stay warm with a evenly-dried, fluffy heated towel. Our larger heated towel rails will also heat up your bathroom in the cold winters.
All of our designer bathroom accessories use high-quality copper tubing and solid brass fittings to ensure best thermal conductivity, as well as a elegant chrome finish. Electric, hydronic and non-heated models are available in a number of different finishes to suit your bathroom. Our products adhere to the highest safety standards, featuring a 5 year warranty on the railing and a 3 year warranty on the heating element.
These heated towel rails come in a range of different configurations and designs to suit customers, including simple towel shelves, free standing towers and floor-to-ceiling ladders. They are easily mounted and installed in to all homes, with discreet wiring to improve the cosmetic aspect. Hydrotherm's designer bathroom accessories are super efficient, meaning running costs are low - they can even be fitted to a timer to further reduce costs. We can even provide custom models to suit your requirements and style.