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Kleenmaid Elevator Oven

Model Number: OMFE6010

Kleenmaid 20elevator 20oven 2060cm
Kleenmaid 20oven 20omfe6010
  • BOOST – FAST pre-heat
  • Browning: Upper heating element
  • Cooking functions
  • Crush prevention sensors
  • Defrosting: fan
  • Front “Touch control”
  • Gratin: Ventilated grill
  • Grill + lower heating element
  • Grilled meats: Large grill
  • Intensive cooking: upper + lower + fan
  • Lighting
  • Multicooking: Ventilated circular heating element
  • Multifunction electronic control
  • Pastry: lower heating-element
  • Pizza and Bread: lower heating element + circular ventilated
  • Plano flush styling
  • Salamander - food warming
  • Semi-flush top styling
  • Stainless steel and Glass
  • Stainless Steel Cavity
  • Tangential cooling ventilation
  • Traditional cooking: upper and lower heating elements

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Kleenmaid appliances were first made available in Australia in 1984. In December 2009 Compass Capital Partners acquired the Kleenmaid brand and spent millions of dollars and almost 2 years creating the "Next Generation" Kleenmaid appliance collection.
Since 1984, Exceeding Expectations has been the driving force of the combined worldwide network of designers and engineers who manufacture Kleenmaid appliances. Today our own technical team—with more than 35 years experience—demand excellence in every product bearing the Kleenmaid name.