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Versiclad Spacemaker

Model Number: Spacemaker

Versiclad image 3dmodel roofing spacemaker panel extralargeicon
  • Minimum roof pitch only 1° - lowest pitch roof available
  • Long trafficable free spans (up to 7.24m) means less unsightly support beams
  • Made to order lengths up to 13m
  • Excellent thermal performance - up to R-2.72
  • Light weight and easy to insta

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BuildBits Tech for construction

Sandwich roof Panels are fast to erect and a great way of insulating at the same time as spanning larger span roofs and ceiling spaces unsupported.
Some of the disadvantages or Sandwich panel roofing are:
* When installing they are easy to scratch and dent so you must be careful and add padding to hard surfaces
* Larger spans must be supported by an under purlin /girder to ensure the roof is trafficable
* Fitting of lights & ceiling fans is restrictive and requires electricians to do a rough-in in multiple stages.
* There is no service cavity and the insulation of service must be considered at the design stage

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