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Next wall bed
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We are proud to be introducing the NeXt Bed™ to the market it is the most modern and efficient design the Wall-Bed business has seen yet. The development of this new product is inspired by the growth of the Murphy wall bed business and the industry’s need for a better designed wall bed system. Growth in Europe strongly indicated that there was a need for a simple bed mechanism with a slatted mattress base. With Murphy Bed's associates in the USA, Europe and Asia, we decided to create a global product that would retain many of the features of the old Murphy Bed but offer the user a vastly improved and more comfortable sleep system. Nothing had been done to improve or re-think the 100 year old Murphy concept to bring it into modern light - until now! What for decades was an iron contraption bolted to the floor with a flimsy mattress foundation and cheap materials now has an engineering and aesthetic make-over: Welcome NeXt Bed™ the new global product.

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Wall Beds Australia

Multi-purpose rooms are always a necessity in your home. Wall Beds Australia provide compact wall beds that transform the spare room from a functional and stylish day space to a practical and comfortable guest room at night in just a few seconds! Our wall beds are designed to easily integrate into your storage, wardrobe, media room, home office and hide it behind a finish that suits your style.

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