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Billi Ultra 300

Model Number: Ultra 300

Ultra 20300

The Billi Ultra on wall boiling water system is a cost effective source of instant boiling water, designed for a commercial environment. Enjoy water within 1°C of boiling from the first drop. Even during heavy use, Ultra’s unique water filter system holds boiling water at consistent heat. 

Second to none Ultra reliability
As testament to the superior design and outstanding reliability of the Ultra, Billi supplies a 2 year warranty with every on wall units. 

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Billi is Australia's own filtered water system. Leading the way for over 20 years, we have maintained a commitment to leadership and innovation. The result is a range of uncompromising quality.
Award-winning Billi water systems are preferred by Australian designers and architects for their timeless styling and space-saving design. Offering energy and water efficiency benefits, Billi is Australia’s touchstone for filtered water systems and sensor tap technology.