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Omvivo Latis Bath with Timber End Storage

Model Number: Latis Bath with Timber End Storage

Omvivo 20latis 20bath 20with 20timber 20end 20storage
Omvivo 20latis 20bath 20with 20timber 20end 20storage.

Whether at home or residing at a beautiful resort, bathing is the ultimate relaxation.  At the forefront of the Omvivo range of baths is the signature Le Cob. The design which pays homage to Le Corbusier’s Chaise lounge creates a unique bathing experience.
The Le Cob holds significantly less water than a conventional bath, and can be used in a similar way to the traditional Japanese soaker baths, bathing first, and then relaxation after. The soothing cascade overflow is naturally therapeutic, reminiscent of a river, as the water falls onto the pebbles below.
The sculptural design, luxurious comfort and complete experience the le Cob bath offers, position this bath as the ultimate bathing vessel.

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Omvivo Latis Bath with Timber End Storage
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Omvivo, formerly known as Vetrosystems was founded in 1991 by designer Joseph Licciardi. With a fascination for glass Joseph became the pioneer in Australia, and perhaps the world for producing formed glass in commercial sizes.
One of his first product designs was the innovative washplane®, inspired by architect Massimo Morozzi’s “flat basin”. The washplane®® became a reality in the early nineties along with Australia’s first collection of round glass vessels, an elegant alternative to the traditional ceramic hand basin.
The collection grew significantly over the years with the introduction of signature pieces such as the Le Cob bath and the KL vessel, while the options expanded to include finishes such as natural stone, Corian® and Satine. Vetrosystems evolved into Omvivo in 2002, a brand that represents “conscious (OM) living (VIVO)”.
Soon after Omvivo was acquired by the Schiavello group of companies, an Australian commercial furniture manufacturer, dedicated to producing distinct quality pieces of superior design for a broad commercial clientele.

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