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Stramit Longspan

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Stramit longspan roof wallcladding r
Stramit longspanroof wallcladding l
700mm Cover – quick installation and easy handling.

Easy Fixing – conventional through fixed screws maximise performance and installation.

Hi-Tensile Steel – light weight and high strength with improved damage resistance.

Spring Curving – new data for curved roofs.

Design Flexibility – long lengths and anti-capillary side laps enable Stramit® Longspan cladding to be used effectively on applications from vertical wall cladding and fascias to roofs with pitch as low as 1.5°.

Fully Tested – a full range of load performance tables to suit most applications.

Extended Spans – strength and rigidity of the profile allows economical construction.

The striking linearity, strength, wide cover, light weight and weather resistance of Stramit Longspan® cladding make it perfect for many commercial roofing and walling applications. Its excellent strength and ease of assembly allow for long, economical spans.The good water-carrying capacity and weather-tightness permit very low roof pitches, leading to economies in the building structure.
700mm (cover) x 27mm (height) x 0.42/0.48 (thickness)

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Stramit Building Products is a major Australian manufacturer of roll-formed steel building products, including roof and wall cladding, guttering, fascia, purlins, flooring and structural formwork. These products, along with complementary products and services, are delivered through a nationwide network of manufacturing and distribution centres, strategically located to ensure coverage of major metropolitan and regional markets. Stramit Building Products’ reputation is built on quality, reliability and customer service. The performance of Stramit® products is backed by research and development at the company’s R&D facilities, where in-house product testing is carried out on an ongoing basis. A nationwide network of manufacturing and distribution centres ensures that Stramit® products can be ordered with confidence, regardless of the size or location of the building project.