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Stramit Monoclad

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Stramit monoclad roof wallcladding r
Stramit monoclad roof wallcladding l
Economical - unique blend of characteristics provides a low installed cost.

Simple Installation - through fixing and easy notching of flashings.

762mm Cover - quick installation and easy handling.

Hi-tensile Steel - lightweight and high strength.

Deep Ribs - provide excellent spanning capability with good water carrying capacity.

Domed Crest - provides greater foot traffic performance.

Anti-capillary Side Laps - gives improved weather structure.

2° Minimum Pitch - reduces support structure.
Fully Tested - a full range of load performance tables to suit almost any application.

The visual appeal, strength, wide cover, light weight and weather resistance of Stramit Monoclad® cladding make it perfect for all commercial roofing and walling applications. Its excellent strength and ease of assembly allow for long, economical spans. The large water-carrying capacity and weather-tightness permit very low roof pitches, leading to economies in the building structure.

762mm (Width Cover) x 29mm (Height) x 0.42/0.48mm (Thickness)

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