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V-ZUG Hot Air SL Oven

Model Number: Hot Air SL Oven

Vzug 20hot 20air 20skp
2012 11 02 085159
Combined operation Oven
Premium Swiss Quality 
Operating time / switch-off time Yes
Fully electronic appliance Yes
Electronic clock timer Yes
Cooking space volume 39.0 litre
Cooking space 
Lighting 2 halogen bulbs
Time and timer Yes

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Genuine Swiss Quality: This starts with the production facility. Only V-ZUG develops and produces high quality appliances for the kitchen and laundry room in Switzerland. To do so, it employs state-of-the-art work processes and more than 1200 highly qualified staff who identify fully with V-ZUG's goals and values. What began life as a galvanizer's shop in 1913 has evolved into a major high-tech company that has a presence in every other Swiss household with at least one appliance.