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V-ZUG Miwell SL Oven Microwave

Model Number: Miwell SL Oven Microwave

Vzug 20miwell 20sl 20skp
Vzug miwell sl oven microwave extralargeicon

Microwave features

Microwave power level 1000.0 watt
Quartz grill 800.0 watt
Glass plate 32.5 cm
Inverter technology 
Microwave levels 18
Microwave feed 3D
Mounting option Installed in tall unit


Combined operation Oven / microwave
Operating time / switch-off time Yes
Integrated recipes 
Fully electronic appliance Yes
Electronic clock timer Yes
Plain text display Yes
Cooking space volume 31.0 litre
Cooking space 
Chrome-nickel steel
Lighting 1 light bulb
Time and timer Yes

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Genuine Swiss Quality: This starts with the production facility. Only V-ZUG develops and produces high quality appliances for the kitchen and laundry room in Switzerland. To do so, it employs state-of-the-art work processes and more than 1200 highly qualified staff who identify fully with V-ZUG's goals and values. What began life as a galvanizer's shop in 1913 has evolved into a major high-tech company that has a presence in every other Swiss household with at least one appliance.